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Spitfire books

RJ Mitchell - World Famous Aircraft Designer by Gordon Mitchell
Authored by his Reginald's son, Gordon Mitchell, and with contributions by those who worked with RJ Mitchell and who flew his aircraft.
Published by Nelson and Saunders, ISBN 0 947750 053

R.J. Mitchell, Schooldays to Spitfire by Gordon Mitchell
Great source material for all those interested in the life and Work of R.J. Mitchell, designer of the Spitfire.
Republished (2002) by Tempus Publishing Ltd., ISBN 0 7524 23223

The Spitfire Story by Alfred Price
The benchmark against which other Spitfire books are compared, Alfred Price based his Spifire history on years of well documented research.
Published by Arms and Armour Press, ISBN 1 85409 172 7
Also Published by Cassel, Revised Second edition 1995, ISBN ?

Spitfire - the History by Morgan and Shacklady
In the past regarded as the definitive book on the Spitfire.
Published by Key Publishing of Stamford Lincolnshire, 1987, ISBN 0-946219 48 6

Spitfire Postscript by CR Russell
A follow-up to 'Spitfire Odyssey', this work documents the struggles to keep the Spitfire in production, and explores the bombing of Supermarine`s factories and the start of Spitfire production at Castle Bromwich.
Published by -----, ISBN 09524858 0

Birth of a Legend - the Spitfire by Jeffrey Quill
Famed Spitfire test pilot and Battle of Britain fighter pilot Jeffrey Quill, is probably more qualified than anyone to write a Spitfire book - and he does so wonderfully.
Published by Quiller Press, ISBN 0907621 64 3

Spitfire - A Test Pilot's Story by Jeffrey Quill
Autobiography that throws light on the development of the Spitfire, from the prototype K5054 to the Supermarine Spiteful.
Available from Crecy Publishing, (available in softback) ISBN 0-94755-472-6

Wings of the Navy by Capt. Eric Brown
Authoritive and technical insight from a Royal Navy test pilot. Includes a brilliant chapter on the Seafire at sea.
Published by Airlife Publishing Ltd, ISBN 0 906393 87 6

The RAF and Aircraft Design 1923-1939 by Colin Sinnot
A look at the RAF aircraft development and requirement system during the wars, when 'old fashioned' biplanes were being replaced by speedy radical metal monoplanes.
Published by Frank Cass, ISBN 0 7146 5158 3

Spitfire at War series by Alfred Price
Published by Ian Allan ltd. ISBN 0 7110 0560 5

Spitfire - A Complete Fighting History by Alfred Price
A single-volume reprint of 'Spitfire at War' (first pub. 1974) and 'Spitfire at War 2' (first pub. 1975)
Published by Promotional Reprint Company; single-volume Reprint 1997

Spitfire - A Documentary History by Alfred Price FRHistS
Second Impression 1978

Spitfire: Fighter Supreme by Alfred Price
Published by Arms and Armour Press, 1991

Supermarine Spitfire, cz. 1 by Alfred Price
Monografie Lotnicze series, No. 38
Published by AJ Press [Poland], 1997; in Polish

Spitfire: The Canadians by Bracken
Published by Stoddart / Boston Mills Press [Canada], 1995; 160 pages

Spitfire: The Canadians, Volume 2 by Bracken
Published by Stoddart / Boston Mills Press [Canada], 1999; 137 pages

Spitfire -- The Story of a Famous Fighter by Robertson
Harleyford series [unnumbered]
Published by Aero/ Harleyford [USA / UK], 1960

Spitfire in Action by Scutts
Aircraft in Action series, No. 39; 58 pages;
Published by Squadron/Signal [USA], 1980

The Spitfire V Manual by Tanner (ed.)
RAF Museum series, No. 1, Arms and Armour Press
Published by Hippocrene Books [UK / USA], 1976

Spitfire by Wilson
Sovereign series [unnumbered]; 152 pages
Published by Aerospace Publications [Australia], 1999

Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I-V by Nohara and Ohsato
Aero Detail series, No. 8; in Japanese and English; 88 pages
Published by Dai-Nippon Kaiga Co., Ltd. [Japan], 1993

The Illustrated Encylopedia of Aircraft weekly series
issue 00? - Supermarine Spitfire
issue 164 - Griffon Spitfires
Published by Orbis 1980-198X

Spitfire articles in aviation periodicals

Aeroplane Monthly, Vol 14, No 3, Issue 155 - March 1986
Feature Article - 'Probe Probare No 22: Supermarine Spitfire' (part 1 of 2)
To mark the 50th anniversary of the first flite of the prototype Spitfire, includes an account of K5054, and an interview of Gordon Mitchell.

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Spitfire pilot biographies, autobiographies, combat accounts, etc.

Reach For The Sky - The Story of Douglass Bader C.B.E, D.S.O, D.F.C (Abridged) by Paul Brickhill
Published by Collins, Second Impression, February 1957

The Big Show - Some Experiences Of A French Fighter Pilot in the R.A.F by Pierre Clostermann, D.F.C
Published by Chatton & Windus (London), Third Impression, May 1951

Spitfire Mark I/II Aces 1939-1941 by Alfred Price
Osprey Aircraft of the Aces series, No. 12
Published by Osprey [UK], 1996

Spitfire Mark V Aces 1941-45 by Alfred Price
Osprey Aircraft of the Aces series, No. 16
Published by Osprey [UK], 1997

Books about the Battle of Britain

The Most Dangerous Enemy by Stephen Bungay
Hailed as the standard work, drawing on all previous research, this is a magnificently and comprehensively authored work that at points destroys long standing myths.
If you are interested in the true story of the Battle of Britain - or air-warfare in general, read this book!
Published by Aurum Press Ltd., ISBN 1 85410 801 8

The Hardest Day - The Battle of Britain 18 August 1940 by Alfred Price
A brilliant look at a single day - the most costly, and therefore the 'hardest day' in the Battle of Britain for the RAF. The 18th August 1940 is seen through historical and military records, and the eyes of many people Price interviewed, both civilian and military, allied and axis, chronologicaly from morning till midnight.

The Narrow Margin by Derek Wood and Derek Dempster
A highly authoritative work in its time. The illustrated edition first issued to coincide with the release of the 'Battle of Britain' feature film in 1969.
First published in 1961, revised in later editions, ISBN 09 002160 6

The Battle of Britain by John Frayn Turner
As a devotee of Douglas Bader, Mr Turner's books push the case for 12 Group's 'Big Wing', the controversial massed fighter wing.
First published by Airlife Publishing Ltd in 1998,

Strike from the sky by Alexander Mckee
A classic account of the Battle of Britain first published in the 1960's and updated and reissued for the 50th anniversary in 1990.
Grafton Books, ISBN 0 586 21022 9

Spitfire on my tail by Ulrich Steinhilper and Peter Osborne
A German pilot's view of the Battle of Britain.
Published by Independent books, Upton-on-seven, Worcs

That Eternal Summer - untold stories from the Battle of Britain by Ralph Barker
Published by Collins, ISBN 0 00 637543 ?

The Sky Suspended - The Battle of Britain May 1940 - April 1941 by Drew Middleton
Published by Secker & Warburg (London), First Edition 1960

The Battle of Britain
11 authors contributed to this book, and it has many pictures and diagrams.
Published by Salamander ISBN 1 85613 025 8

Battle of Britain by Len Deighton
With pictures and diagrams.
ISBN 0 224 01826 4

Fighter by Len Deighton
The technology, tactics and politics of the Battle of Britain - somewhat disputed by other authors: eg. events at Manston and the turning circle of the Spitfire vs Bf109.
Published by Grafton, ISBN 0 586 21094 6

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